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Worried about catching the CRUD?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Don't let this be you!

Most important!

Wash your hands.

Don’t touch your face.

Stop eating and drinking sugar!


IT’S BACK…right on schedule! And it’s sooo easy to avoid.

How to avoid catching the "crud" this winter...

(It is quite simple.)

Every winter, I see numerous people in my office for flu/cold related symptoms. (Actually, since Covid, I don't actually "see" them in the office anymore, but we do a lot of talking on the phone!)

And after 23 years in practice, I have found a pretty great formula to help you avoid the "crud."

So I wanted to send this email as a "heads up" on how to easily stay healthy this winter.


Here are our current Immune Support Suggestions:

For prevention (for adults):

  • Vitamin D – unless directed otherwise, 5000 IUs a day

  • Food-Based Vitamin C – 2 a day

  • Zinc – 20 mg a day

  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) – 1 a day

If you THINK you are starting to get sick (don’t wait until you are really sick)—get going quickly on the following:

  • Total V-RX* or Conga-Immune – 2-12 a day. (Take a couple every few hours)

  • Vitamin C – 4-12 a day. (Food-based Vitamin C will not have a laxative effect as ascorbic acid will. I only recommend food-based Vitamin C).

  • Increase Zinc to 50-100 mg a Day

  • Increase Vitamin D to 10,000 for a couple of days

  • Quercetin 250mg twice a day

  • NAC (2-3 a day)

  • Magnesium – 500 mg or more

When you are feeling better, decrease the above doses, but don’t stop. Instead, continue taking all for at least the next 2 weeks.

Click below to link to our store. Due to back-orders and delays in shipping, we stock similar supplements from different companies. All are good. Pick whichever you like. If you would like more specific guidance, please call the office. 406-755-4119

*Do not take if you are pregnant

These are all Adult doses.

These are not long-term strategies. These are general guidelines for immune system support for the flu/cold season. This information is to serve only as a quick guide-- it may not fit everyone's needs. Please speak to Dr. Julie directly (or your doctor) if you have specific questions or concerns about your situation. Thanks!

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