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So helped by my visits to Julie!! I just love her and appreciate all the help I have gotten. Thanks so much!!

Tammy F.

She is amazing!!! Highly recommend!

Trisha S.

I had just been diagnosed with Parkinson's.  Unable to walk very far, weakness and balance issues ruled my life.  I was given a bleak and terminal outlook at least as much as conventional medicine was concerned.  

All of that changed when I came to Dr. Julie.

Dr. Julie offered treatments I had never experienced - but most importantly, she offered me hope.

After a few months, a miracle occurred and I regained my balance, my strength, and my life.  I no longer require the addictive medication used to treat Parkinson's and I no longer have the symptoms of someone with that disease!  I have my life back, thanks to Dr. Julie!

Judy Z.

I first came to Dr. Julie Schleusner at Big Sky Wellness Center in July 2008.  I am a runner and was training for a fall marathon.  At age 50 I seemed to have a few more aches and pains than when I last seriously competed in the mid 30's!

The main concern was pain down my right leg, hip to calf.  Not enough to make me limp, but it wasn't going away and I hope to preempt a possible more serious injury.  Also, and I suspected related, was moderate to occasionally extreme discomfort in the back and hips/legs when having to sit for any length of time.

Dr. Julie quickly discovered that my hips were somewhat twisted.  After a short period of regular adjustments and work on balancing muscle function, I was virtually pain-free for weeks at a time.  I continued with regular monthly adjustments as I decided to ramp up my training to move to ultra-marathon distances.  Along the way with the increased weekly mileage, I started asking nutritional.l questions to fuel all the training.  Dr. Julie has most ably advised me toward supplements and "cleaning up" my vegetarian diet.  This has dramatically reduced or eliminated inflammatory responses due to processed foods and refined sugar.  I now rarely take aspirin which I ate copiously before the nutritional balancing.

I completed my second 50-mile ultra-marathon in March 2010 and am currently training over 60 miles per week in preparation for my first 100-mile race in August 2010.  I truly feel my physical soundness and energy is due to the regular maintenance adjustments and muscle balancing I receive from Dr. Julie.  Small aches and pains are attended to before they become an injury.  The nutritional guidance helps my body cope with the hard training and recovery that is ongoing with the sport of endurance running.

Thank you, Dr. Julie!

Elise R.

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BEFORE beginning treatment at Big Sky Wellness Center, I endured years of doctor visits trying to find relief from my allergies, stomach distress, and hormone issues.  The summer before I started regular visits at Big Sky Wellness Center, I was very inactive due to these issues.  I didn't have the energy to even take a walk with my husband without dragging myself home after only 10 or 15 minutes.

I tried taking allergy shots 3 different times in my life, without much relief, and my diet was very restricted due to the MANY food allergies I had.  I tolerated stomach pain for much of my life due to allergies and digestive issues.  I also had a hysterectomy to alleviate some of my hormone problems.  It solved some issues while creating new ones.

AFTER coming to Big Sky Wellness Center, I no longer have vitamin deficiencies that were detected within only a few appointments.  I now have the energy to work a full-time job and still take a brisk 2-mile walk in the evening!  I am now able to eat whatever I choose!  This is something that has made a work of difference to both my husband and myself, as meal planning is so much easier and fun now.  We both appreciate how much better I feel after eating.  I appreciate having the ability to go outside and mow the lawn or work in my garden without carrying a box of Kleenex with me!  Julie and Ben are wonderful to work with, and I would recommend Big Sky Wellness Center to anyone who wants to be healed of their allergies or digestive disorders.

Lorri P.

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