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Naked Carbs??

Yep, that's sugary drinks, lattes, juices, crackers, chips, bread, pasta, rice, and many others. These are foods that are almost entirely composed of carbohydrates and completely lack fiber, fat, and protein.

They'll rock your blood sugar levels in a very bad way, extremely quickly.

They are some of the most detrimental foods to your health.

(Interested in a fun experiment? Try wearing a continuous glucometer for a couple of weeks and watch what happens—but we'll talk about that in another post. Needless to say, it's shocking!)

So instead of eating these carbs 'naked,' always dress them up—meaning, eat them with proteins, fats, and fibers to slow digestion and prevent blood sugar spikes. For example, pair cheese with your crackers, guacamole with your chips, meat with your pasta, and eggs (for breakfast) with your latte.

Eat Well!

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