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Chocolate...Is It Healthy or Not?

If there is one topic that comes up over and over (and makes me giggle a little), it's this:

People trying to explain to me why they HAVE to eat chocolate (or cocoa, or cacao). They tell me they crave it because their body must be deficient in some nutrient that it contains.

"It's for the antioxidants."

"It's for the magnesium."

"It's for the copper."

Geez. These are not true statements. They are justifications for indulgence. (If your body was really deficient in a nutrient, then why not crave broccoli and beef?)

I know I'm sounding harsh, but let me tell you why.

Many chocolates contain incredibly high levels of arsenic and cadmium—and some even contain lead. Not to mention, some contain almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee!  WOW!

Yes, there are some antioxidants in some—but not universally, and not enough to excuse the amount of heavy metals they contain.

If you really want your chocolate, eat it. Enjoy it.

But please know that it is not a HEALTH FOOD; it is merely a FUN FOOD.

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