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Chubby Cheeks??

Nuts, although nutritious, are extremely calorie-dense.

With almond tortillas, trail mixes, cashews, sweetened macadamia nuts, and Kind Bars so prevalent, overconsumption is way too easy—who stops at just one serving? It's easy to snack on handfuls of nuts.

And here's a few other problems with nuts,

While they are often promoted as health foods, many nuts are mixed with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and inflammatory seed oils (like cottonseed or soybean oil), making them even tastier, so you'll eat even more!

Furthermore, when good fats are combined with carbs (present in nuts), the carbs elevate insulin, facilitating the body storing all those calories for another day.

(Remember, squirrels stockpile nuts for winter--a lot of calories in a small little ball!)

And the worst part,

Nuts contain lectins, a protein that can trigger inflammation throughout the body, can contribute to a leaky gut and can also promote auto-immune conditions for some people. (Yikes!--These are all VERY bad.)

Try taking a month off from eating nuts and see how you feel!

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