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OATMEAL. Heart Healthy or Not??

Can a food still be considered "healthy" if it carries

a hint of "poison"?

We often see commercials touting oats as “heart-healthy,” but is it really so?

Let's check out three significant facts.

1. Glyphosate (Round-up): Oatmeal, our seemingly innocent breakfast choice, has been flagged for some of the highest glyphosate residues among all grains. And it's practically inescapable these days. It's been labeled a probable human carcinogen. Studies suggest a troubling link to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, DNA damage, hormone disruption, and interference with pregnancy duration. And the claim of oats being heart-healthy? Well, glyphosate exposure has been implicated as a potential cause of changes that may lead to life-threatening heart rhythm problems--meaning it could KILL you!

2. Gluten: While oats are naturally gluten-free, research indicates that the majority of oat products contain high enough gluten levels to pose significant issues for many, including severe neurological damage for some, such as lack of balance and coordination, foggy thinking, and memory loss just as starters. (Side note: many people are actually experiencing gluten-related brain symptoms and just haven’t made the connection yet—scary stuff!)

3. It’s a high-carb food. Yes, there’s a little fiber, which is very good, but many people add sugar, syrup, fruits, and other significant carbohydrates just to make it palatable—so now it’s not very healthy. (And check out the oat-based cereals marketed to kids--they're REALLY BIG TROUBLE!!) It is a blood sugar catastrophe for many, leading to blood sugar swings and possibly leading to diabetes down the road. (Which means even more heart-related disease problems.)

So, can a food still be considered "healthy" if it carries a hint of "poison"?

I don’t think so.

The next time you reach for that oats canister or box, take a moment to pause. Organic alternatives help, but that only addresses the glyphosate factor, and not the other two points mentioned above.

So what should a person eat for breakfast? Eggs. Meat. Veggies. Real food.

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