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Stop (Trying to) Run Your Butt Off!

Gym equipment commercials are running non-stop right now. And contrary to what they are implying, exercise (and exercising harder, and longer) doesn't burn fat for most people.

What?? How could that be??

Gym exercises primarily burn SUGAR (glucose), not FAT. (And can even increase your hunger—making you eat even MORE!)

Here’s the simple truth - your body will burn sugar (glucose) before turning to fat for fuel.

Here are 3 tips to know if this is you...

  1. If you can't maintain a conversation while exercising (due to being out of breath), it's a sign you're burning sugar stores.

  2. If you have chronically high insulin levels, you can't burn fat. (Check your bloodwork.)

  3. If you "carb-load" prior to your workouts, you're not burning fat.

Yes, it’s true--Work-out harder and see less results.

You most likely won't be shedding that belly or those hip fats at the gym. The holiday weight gain most likely won't disappear through intense workouts.

So what should you do?!?

Stay tuned, and I’ll share more in an upcoming Pro-Tip.

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